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My game wont start, its just a black screen

I wasn't sure how to play the game at first...


Not quite sure how to let them fish without being eaten...

Click on the monster icon in the wilderness.  This will cause a dagger command to appear above the shaman and selection boxes to appear around each tribesman.  Click on several tribesmen to form a hunting party, and then click on the dagger to send them to fight.

So hard, if you cannot cancel tasks. Like wake him up and push to fire or fishing.
They die in the middle of walking, freezing in return from fishing, or starved, when gonna to it. Why they can't eat animals? I wanna prepare food!

This game is constructed brilliantly. The music, sound, art style, and ambience are extremely effective at creating a distinct atmosphere, making it probably the most memorable game I've played on this site. It's a work of art. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Matthew!! A couple months late hahah, but we are really glad to see you enjoyed our game so much, its always a great feeling to read a review like yours =). The big game we're working on is not nearly as artistic as Oak haha, but we simply loved doing something with this atmosphere and we want to do bigger projects in the future, hopefully =)

I agree completely with everything you said here.


Beautifully crafted game. The character movement is excellent and the soundtrack adds the perfect atmosphere.

Keep at it!

About half a year later... hahaha, but thanks a lot for the kind words! =)